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Fungi shelves.


Gridy, Norway 2013


Material: Natural oak, dark brown or black ash.

Small size; H.5 cm, D.11 cm, W.22 cm

Medium size; H.5 cm, D.15 cm, W.30 cm

Large size; H.5 cm, D.21 cm, W.42 cm

The design is inspired by the shelf fungi (a.k.a. bracket fungi) growing horisontally out of trees. Use Fungi shelves beside the bed, as a deco­rat­ive element in the living room, to display colour­ful spices in the kitchen or maybe as the extra shelf in the hallway. Choose between 3 different sizes and bring the outdoors in.
[More information on shelf fungi...]


Limited stock.

(Prices incl. 19% V.A.T. / Preise inkl. 19% MwSt)

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