“SEB”, Plastic rugs


Lina Rickardsson, Sweden


Material: Plastic.

Sizes: W.70 x L.120 / 240 / 320 / 360 cm

Old technique - new material, resulting in some highly practictical and hard-wearing rugs. Due to the climate the use of carpets has a long tradition in Scandinavia but, using plastic is a new invent­ion and you might be surprised how soft and pleasant it is - and, it goes in the washing machine! [more info...]


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PRICES (incl. 19% V.A.T.)

W.70 x L.120 cm: RRP 95,00€ Now 47,00€

W.70 x L.240 cm: RRP 184,00€ Now 92,00€

W.70 x L.300 cm: RRP 220,00€ Now 110,00€

W.70 x L.360 cm: RRP 255,00€ Now 127,00€

W.140 x L.200 cm: RRP 340,00€ Now 170,00€

SEB, plastic carpets by Lena Rickardsson / Pappelina.

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