• String Plus Organizers, available in three colours.
  • String Plus Magazine holder, available in three colours.
  • String Plus Grid for wall, available in three colours.




Anna v. Schewen / Björn Dahlström, Sweden 2016.


Colours: White, grey, black.

Size, magazin holder: W.17, H.27, D.5 cm.

Size, grid for wall: W.40,5 x 40,5 cm.

Sizes organizers (3-set): W.9, H.12, D.7 cm; W.19.H.8, D.8 cm; W.12, H.8, D.7,5cm.

String Plus adds useful functionality to the String System. The Organizers provide space for smaller items; the Magazin holder does what it says and, the Wall grid can be used to hang organizers and other items.


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