"Three”, pendant.


Matthias Ståhlbom, Sweden 2005.


Material: White, black or orange (RAL 2004) painted steel wire.

Size: Ø 49, H. 21.5 cm.

"Three" is a design hybrid between three famous archetypal Swedish lamps: the shoemaker’s lamp, the ceiling light and the fabric shade. Striped shadows are cast on the walls with the aid of the openness of the steel mesh shade, much like a striped wallpaper.
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DISCONTINUED! We still have some lamps in stock. Write us an e-mail by interest.


Black or white version: 535,00 €,
orange version: 640,00 € (incl. 19% V.A.T.)

Three, hanging lamp by Matthias Ståhlbom / ZERO

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