SALE! 70/70, table by TAF Architects / Muuto
SALE! Pirkka 180 cm long bench. Condition = new! Natural oil-wax treated pine top with a black birch base.
SALE! 4x Bell, hanging lamps. Colours: grey, blue, white, green. Showroom pieces in very good condition!
SALE! Kilt Light, cabinet. Colour: petrol. Showroom piece in good condition!
SALE! Plugged, hanging lamp. White shade with green cable. Showroom lamp in good condition.
SALE! 2x Hide, hanging lamps. Colours: white and black. Showroom lamps in good condition.
SALE! Stick shelving system by Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus / Menu
SALE! LED, award-winning tablelamp by Tunto. Showroom piece. Small dent in veener.
SALE! Unfold hanging lamps. Colour: purple. Condition = new!
SALE! Unfold hanging lamps. Colour: blue. Condition = new!
SALE! Domus Lounge chair by Ilmari Tapiovaara - reduced showroom piece in good condition.
SALE! TT40 coffee table by Ilmari Tapiovaara. Reduced showroom piece in good condition.
SALE! Stool 60 by Alvar Aalto / Artek. Reduced showroom pieces in good condition!
SALE! Raw, side table by Jens Fager / Muuto. Reduced showroom piece! Colour: blue.
SALE! Yakkay interchangable covers for Yakkay bicycle helmets
SALE! String folding table (birch/white). Showroom piece in good condition.
SALE! Fling, Ø50 cm gold version by David Taylor, Sweden 2007. Showroom piece in very good condition.
SALE! Stacked shelving system, 2x pine veneer modules by Muuto. Condition = new.
SALE! String, white entrance set-up. Good condition!
SALE! String, dining space with foldable table. Very good condition!
SALE! String Pocket shelf in different colours. Very good condition!
SALE! Heaven, free-standing white ladder with small scratch by Thomas Bernstrand / Swedese.
SALE! Svea rugs 140 x 220 cm. Produced by Pappelina.
SALE! SEB rugs 140 x 200 cm. Produced by Pappelina.
SALE! Form bar hocker. White seat, walnut legs with a seat height of 65 cm. Produced by Normann Copenhagen. Condition = new!
SALE! Up lamp, by Mattias Ståhlbom / Muuto. Condition = Showroom lamp with wear marks.
SALE! Minipod (Podspeakers) by Simon Ghahary. Showroom speakers in very good condition.
SALE! Visu, chair with sled base, by Mika Tolvanen / Muuto. Condition = Showroom chair.
SALE! GM 15 and GM 30 hanging lamps, by Grethe Meyer / Menu. Condition = New!
SALE! Wire bin by Norm Architects / Menu. Condition = New!
SALE! Discounted hanging brass lamp by Lisa Johansson-Pape / Innolux. Condition = Good. Three very small marks.
SALE! AV-01 Sideboard by Arne Vodder / Snedkergaarden. Showroom item in good condition!
SALE! EJ 180-2, In Duplo sofa by Ernst & Jensen / Erik Jørgensen. Showroom item in good condition!
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