Discus birds.


Hans Bølling, Denmark 1961.


Materlal: Hand-painted beech wood.

Discus bird sizes: Small H.10,4; medium H.17,6; large H.21,1 cm

Hans Bølling was inspired by the parrot and this led him to create the Discus Bird. The parrot is Hans Bølling’s favorite bird and throughout his career as an architect he marked all of his architectural drawings of buildings, town halls, villas e.g. with a discrete parrot hidden in the background. This personal and humoristic signature has found its shape in The Discus Bird and in that way it embodies Hans Bølling’s saying: “I play as long as I live, and live as long as I play.” [Link to more inform­ation...]


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Discus birds by Hans Bølling / ArchitectMade

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