Streamliner car and rockets.


Streamliner - Ulf Hanses, 1984 Sweden,
Rocket - Christopher Robin Nordström, 2008 Sweden.


Material: Wood with a high gloss laquer (toxic free).

Sizes: Streamliner L.135 mm, Rocket H.170 mm.

Colours: Streamliner; Natural wood w. green wheels. Rockets; black w. red fins, white w. black fins.

A rocket like this deserves space on every daydreamers desk, just remember to aim it at the stars. If you are afraid of heights then you better take the Streamliner.


Black/red rocket out of stock.

(Prices incl. 19% V.A.T. / Preise inkl. 19% MwSt)

Wooden toys and pens by Ulf Hanses

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